If I were a mage, what would I do? I haven’t really thought about it. I mean… I’ve always been curious as to what being a mage is like. I’ve been told that it’s very hard to explain, so I asked an expert on the topic.

When I first asked, Hawke simply shrugged and said it was like trying to explain what pink was to a person who’d been blind her whole life. From what she’s told me, being a mage isn’t something you do, like being a pirate or being a blacksmith. Being a mage is something you are, just like how I’m a human or Varric is a dwarf or Aveline is a mannish ball-buster. But then she thought about it a bit, and told me this. 

Hawke described the mage’s ability to consciously feel the connection to the Fade as a constant tickling in the back of your mind whose intensity waxes and wanes. In order to actually harness that power, it’s like flexing a muscle that only some people had the control to consciously flex, sort of like being able to curl your tongue, or being double-jointed.

But that isn’t all of it. It isn’t random when the tickling comes and goes. It can open up like a flood, especially when using blood magic or lyrium, and threaten to set your every nerve ending on fire unless you release it somehow. The stronger you are at flexing that muscle, the more powerful your magic becomes. If you use those other means to enhance your magic, it’s like a sudden rush, not unlike a powerful narcotic. They allow a mage to push beyond her normal limits and it can be just as intoxicating, which is why so many mages can become addicted to lyrium after a few uses.

The worst part of it is that the tickling can take a sinister tone to it, since the strongest mages are the ones under the loudest temptation and whispering from the demons in the Fade. The stronger a mage you are, the better and closer your connection to the demons, and the more they desire you. Demons are constantly watching and whispering - she tells me that they hold no concept of time, so they can coax and promise indefinitely. All it takes is a single moment of weakness, just one opening in the mental defenses, and the demon can squeeze itself through directly into your mind and take over. In the process, the demon tears an even larger opening to the Fade, empowering itself in your body. Once that happens, you’ve become an abomination, and may the high ones have mercy on you then.

I’m honestly not sure I’d ever want to be a mage. Sure, it would be fun to have that sort of power, but I’m not sure it would be worth the headaches or the constant feeling of being driven insane by voices and whispering in my head for the rest of my life that come with it.

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Zuko should start a satomobile business. Tire lord.

He would need employees. Hire lord.

He’d probably end up getting mad at one of his employees. Ire lord.

In fact he might have to terminate their employment. Wait…

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people who shower in under 5 minutes

  • ..
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  • how

Don’t masturbate just…. 

Shampoo your scalp quickly and then rinse then put on your hair conditioner (mostly on your ends), leave it… clean the rest of your body while you condition your hair. When your body is washed then rinse out your conditioner. 

Obviously you can’t include any shaving… 

The key is not to masturbate 

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